All You NEED Is A Kitchen...

All You NEED Is A Kitchen...


New Jersey Cottage Food Laws

New Jersey Cottage Food Laws are a buzzkill!

Fifty States, Land of the Free… We love Capitalism and yet… New Jersey remains the only state that doesn’t allow would-be entrepreneurs the opportunity of starting off with a cottage food business.


Cottage Food Laws - Home Baking Profits

Below I’ll share some alternatives and links to solutions others have had success with.

I’ve been able to help many with creative solutions that prevent us having to wait to start something profitable and productive.


New Jersey Cottage Food Laws

Meet Sen. Joseph Vitale! Under the guise of public safety has single handedly held up numerous attempts and votes to create cottage food laws for New Jersey.

States with very restrictive codes, are always the fault of Crony Capitalism.

That’s the art of protecting your friend’s (donors) businesses from smaller businesses, thereby giving them more of a monopoly.

AND… all the restrictive states have lawmakers who say the same thing…

“I’m trying to protect my donor’s businesses from competition…the safety of the public .”


The facts are…

Cottage food is safe. Critics who talk about the risk of food-borne illness give hypothetical examples of what could go wrong because real-world cases are rare or nonexistent.


It’s certainly not by sitting by.

Check out this awesome firm of attorney’s who work without cost to us – in order to right the wrongs and protect our civil rights under the U.S. Constitution.

You can also follow the case here: Asbury Park Press Article.


Some of the solutions I’ve created or have been shared with me by other vendors came to fruition due to lack of funds.

Usually it’s those same lack of funds to open a full-fledged bakery or restaurant that causes folks to find the cottage industry.



Some states in an effort to help farmers, big and small, have created little loopholes that allow them to promote agriculture products.

I was speaking to someone from North Carolina, they had no money to start a hot dog cart or mobile catering business and after a phone call, I discovered NC had a loophole for funnel cakes (fried dough).

The loophole allows anyone with a pan, grease and dough to setup and sell fried dough in the state of North Carolina without anything to do with State licensing or Health Department approval.

Some cities in NC even exempt you from a business license too.

With that one loophole, they were able to start doing funnel cakes and then bought themselves a mini donut trailer with the profits.

NJ Department Of Agriculture Food Sales List and Requirements
(find your loophole)

An Easy Cheap Commercial Kitchen – for your food business dreams

For over a decade I’ve helped vendors (mostly hot dog vendors) find solutions and overcome obstacles.

One of the challenges with street food vendors is that every state requires a vendor to have a commissary (commercial kitchen).

This is easily solved with over a decade of solutions.

Little did I know it would come in so handy with folks who wanted to expand their cottage food business into a commercial kitchen.

If you’re serious about starting and want solutions that have worked for thousands and thousands of vendors and being used today… please take a look at these. *3 pages of real world solutions


To start catering, you’ll still need a commercial kitchen but this article has some great links and helpful tips on finding one in New Jersey.


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Need more resources? Check it out HERE (Helpful Resources)

Take a peek at the best vendors on the planet, the community that rocks the food vending world: Vendors United

Vendors United - Cottage Food Laws


This information is provided to help those interested in starting a cottage food business. It is not a document made by the state government. This information is not provided as law nor should be construed as law. Always use the contact information for each state to confirm compliance and any changes.

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